Q: Is this a boudoir |ˈbo͞oˌdwär| photoshoot?
A: Not quite.
The origin of the word boudoir is an 18th century French term, literally meaning ‘sulking place.’ No thanks. 
I am interested in photographing women doing quite the opposite of sulking. This is a photoshoot in a private room for you - a woman with shapes, curves, beauty and brains. We will use light and movement in an eclectic setting to tell that story.
The Private Room Photoshoot includes:
wardrobe consultation prior to shoot
hair & makeup
stylist on set
up to 1 hour of shooting 
 multiple wardrobe changes (3 recommended)
selection of images immediately following shoot
10 retouched prints in boutique box
personal delivery of images 
$650 + location fees
Time: This process takes 3 hours from start to finish
1 hour : hair/make up and styling
1 hour: shooting
1 hour: selecting images
Let's do this...
Thank you for your message! I will contact you ASAP.-Morgan
"Morgan has a special way of making the people she works with feel supported, heard and of her highest priority. Her authenticity and kind heart shines through in her work and allowed for a space of confidence and cohesion. I'm so grateful for this experience as I feel like it helped foster confidence and love for myself and it was such a treat to share with my husband. Thank you, Morgan, for bringing your talent and passion to others to create empowerment and confidence!" - Hayley 
"An experience every woman should have! Not only does Morgan do a fabulous job of choosing the location (Hotel Havana was SO dreamy) but her friendly energy and real-ness make even the most camera shy people feel comfortable.
Girlfriends were so complimentary! A little bit jealous/envious even. I shared my pictures with my boyfriend and gave him free reign to chose the 1 he liked most for himself. Talk about feeling empowered, as both a female and a feminist. I love my body and I love the way Morgan made me look and feel while shooting!" - Adyn
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